Transforming companies into high-performing enterprises the old fashioned way – profitability, sustainability, customer service and great people.
Our success hinges on the performance of our portfolio companies and investments. Our team is dedicated to leading operational improvements at our investments and working with our management teams to identify and secure acquisitions that will lead to sustained growth. This capability enables LBF to pursue turnaround opportunities that others are unwilling to consider, to bid on companies based on a unique set of operating assumptions and to improve portfolio company performance through active partnership with management. The LBF team acts as an in-house investment bank for our portfolio companies, which we believe serves as a point of differentiation in the private equity marketplace.
LBF’s Key Differentiators:

  •  Portfolio involvement throughout the entire investment cycle, beginning in diligence
  • Operational experience of the LBF team allows us to more successfully craft acquisitions
  • Depth and breadth of expertise in all aspect of portfolio company operations and capital market structures
  • Industry relationships provide us with a large pool of proven senior executives to drive successful growth
  • Back-office synergies for our portfolio companies
  • Time-tested playbook consistently used across the information technology market to generate reliable profits and long term growth

Our People:
Our team is composed of professionals and advisors with unparalleled industry experiences who share some key attributes:

  • Contrarian outlook on problem solving and focused on a fact-based approach to decision making
  • Understand the need to stretch to achieve superior results in everything they do
  • Creative professionals who excel at learning on the fly and are capable of applying a foundational set of skills to unique situations
  • Individuals who derive energy from driving and motivating change and have a transformative mindset

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