Our industry expertise, unique operating and growth models, and focus on profitable M&A driven growth combined with state and local incentives offer a unique investment platform.
LBF seeks to acquire a control position and operate enterprise software companies who have less than $30 million in annual revenue and who generate more than 60% of their total revenue from recurring sources such as maintenance and/or subscription revenue. These recurring revenue streams act as an annuity which delivers reliable, stable and predictable operating cash flows and profits. We then employ a highly targeted M&A driven growth model that gives our portfolio companies the scale and the cash flow to successfully compete in their respective markets over the long term. Historically, the LBF team has employed this model to generate an average annual EBITDA margin of 22%. We believe by relocating businesses to Louisiana and taking advantage of the State’s existing economic incentives, we will be able to generate in excess of 28% annual EBITDA margin.
We believe the LBF team is ideally suited to combine our unique industry specific growth model and M&A expertise with the existing economic incentives in the State of Louisiana to:
1)            Deliver superior long-term rates of return to our investors with relatively low downside risk
2)            Create long-term, high value jobs for the State of Louisiana
3)            Establish Louisiana as the largest technology hub in the Southern United States
4)            Diversify Louisiana’s economy with high tech, low environmental impact jobs and businesses

LBF generally focuses on established businesses that require equity capital between $1 million and $10 million. The LBF team has participated as principals and advisors in hundreds of technology company mergers and acquisitions.



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