Portfolio Companies

alqemyiQ provides enterprise demand data management software solutions to manufacturers, retailers and sales agents. Our products and services offer a systematic way of analyzing and sharing insights gleaned from disparate data sources; including syndicated, demographic, direct POS, and internal shipments to name a few. alqemyiQ is also a supplier of customized consulting services; providing clients with best-in-class approaches to get more out of their data. With over a decade in business, alqemyiQ has provided products and services to many industry leaders including Nestle, Revlon, L'Oreal, GlaxoSmithKline and more.
Process Software
Process Software is a premier supplier of communications software solutions to mission critical environments since 1984. With a loyal customer base of over 3,000 organizations, including Global 2000 and Fortune 1000 companies, Process Software has earned a strong reputation for meeting the stringent reliability and performance requirements of enterprise networks.


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